Illinois Bankers Association

Web Design Questionnaire

The Illinois Bankers is seeking a web design solutions provider that offers web design services, hosting services, CMS platform, form builder, and design services. Our CRM is Microsoft UX365 supported by Protech Associates. Protech Associates supports our MX (data webpages). We are researching firms to redesign our home page, content webpages and to work with Protech's team to integrate the design on the MX webpages. Our budget is $50,000. 

We have an internal team that will review all submitted profiles by Friday, June 18. If you have any questions, please connect with Tammy Squires at


What kind of research will you do on our business?
Will you review our existing website prior to building the new website?
Do you offer services other than web design? Web Hosting? Copywriting? Web Strategy?
Can you design a website that fits our budget ($50,000)?
Do you work in-house or outsource your projects?
Will we have a project manager or one central contact? OR How will our site redesign be managed?
What is your design process?
How long will it take to complete our website design and development?
What do you need from us before we start the project?
What assets should we provide for the website - copy and/or images?
Do you have a portfolio we can see?
Do you build custom sites or use templates?
Are your web designs responsive?
Do you follow SEO best practices when building the site?
What training/support do you offer when the site is launched?
Will you integrate our CRM with our website?
What CMS platform do you use?
How does your company manage site security?
How many web designers do you have on staff?
What site did you last launch and the date of the launch?
Can you provide two contacts (name/email) of recently launched projects?
How many associations do you provide web design and services for?
What is the percentage of of customers that are associations?
Have you worked with Protech customers - associations that use their platform for purchases/content?
What is your typical turnaround time for responses
Will our website be ADA accessible? Will our website go through ADA Accessibility testing?
Will you provide avenues for our site to remain ADA accessible after our site is up and running?
Sales Contact Name
Email Address
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