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We promote several industry surveys to financial institutions throughout the year. We hope you take the time to participate in one or all the surveys. 

Community Impact Survey

Help Build Our Industry Image! This survey gathers important information about banks and how they are cornerstones of their communities. The information gathered will be analyzed and presented to the media, elected officials and others so they can better understand how critical financial institutions are to their communities.

Illinois Bank Compensation and Benefits Survey

Bank Compensation & Benefits Survey

We'll Show You The Results If You Show Us Yours
The Illinois Bankers and the Illinois League welcome your participation in this year’s survey. The data is as good as our participation rate. All member and nonmember banks are encouraged to participate. 
An interactive online site that you can access to compile custom aggregation of the compensation data without the need of extensive statistical application. Plus, you will have compensation data from our partner states, Missouri and Ohio. 
Survey Questionnaire Includes
Salary and Bonus Compensation 
Incentive Plans and Compensation Trends
Recruiting and Retention 
Vacation, Sick & Paid Leave
Health Care Costs 
Medical, Dental, Retirement and Director Benefits

About the Survey
Upon registration, download a paper copy for ease of data collection
Pause/resume the survey at any time
Print a copy of your completed survey (the last survey web page)
Data is secure and confidential and will not be shared or sold.
Results will be available by May/June

Fee Schedule for Survey Results


Members - FREE Downloadable Results 
Member Special Offer: $99 for Access to the Online Database and Downloadable Results

$299 (includes the searchable online database)  


Members / Nonmembers - $499 (includes the searchable online database)

2018 Survey Open for Participation

Regulatory Feedback Initiative (RFI)

About the Survey
The RFI is a nationwide long-term initiative created by the Coalition of Bankers Associations, L.L.C. It is an online survey that every bank should take immediately after each examination. The data collected will be a powerful resource for the entire industry and will help identify ongoing regulatory problems so we can work with the regulatory agencies to make necessary changes in the examination process. 

Custom Reports
A custom RFI report can be requested - Safety & Soundness and Compliance. We encourage survey participants to request a report as it can be used as a benchmarking tool.