Illinois Bankers Association

Contribute to Illinois Bankers PAC


Suggested Contributions


Bronze $1-99 Bank Personnel
Silver $100-249 Junior Officers 
Gold $250-499  Directors and Senior Officers 
Platinum  $500 and Above  CEOs 

Bank / Firm

The “fair share” or “rock star” amounts for contributions by state-chartered banks, or contributions by holding companies or individuals associated with state-chartered or national banks, are based on your bank’s total assets.

Assets in Millions  Fair Share  Rock Star 
$50 and Under  $1,000  $1,250 
$50-150  $1,500  $1,875 
$150-300  $2,500  $3,125 
$300-500  $4,000  $5,000 
$500-1,000  $6,000  $7,500 
$1,000-10,000  $7,500  $9,375 
$10,000 and Above  $10,000  $12,500 

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