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Annual Bank Directory

Annual Bank Directory features the profiles of every state and nationally chartered bank in Illinois, including address, phone and fax numbers, holding company affiliation, lead bank indication, balance sheet data, MICR numbers, wire numbers, key bank officers, bank directors, correspondent banks and branch office location information. New editions are available every January.

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Bank Compensation & Benefits Survey

The survey results include annual compensation and non-cash compensation and other benefits such as sick leave, vacation time, bonus information, directors' compensation and benefits. The results are available by the beginning of June.

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Basic Banking Guide

Basic Banking Guide is available to enhance or help you to establish a financial literacy program within your bank. The guide includes information on how to open an account, deposit money, write a check and much more. Available in English/Spanish

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Illinois Banker Magazine

Illinois Banker magazine offers the latest in association, industry and regulatory and association news in a format that best accommodates busy schedules. Features include economic outlooks, latest technology trends and articles for senior executives and bank directors. The magazine is a bi-monthly publication.

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Illinois Banker Archive

Illinois Guide to Bank Record Retention

Disclaimer: For many years, the Illinois Bankers Association has offered this record retention guide, produced under contract by a third party, to assist Illinois banks in complying with federal and state document retention requirements and to help save costs by eliminating the retention of records for periods longer than necessary. While this guide remains a helpful reference tool today, it has not been updated in several years.

This is the 2013/2014 edition, which is the latest version available. The material in this publication was prepared based on the statutes, regulations and other sources in existence at that time. It should not be considered as definitive or as legal advice provided by its author or by the Illinois Bankers Association. Before relying on information contained in this publication, you should consider the possibility that subsequent changes and additions to federal and state statutes, regulations and other sources may have affected the information provided herein.

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Legal Closing Signs

Make sure that your customers are made aware of the bank's observed holidays. Allow us to provide your institution with our easy to read, Legal Closing Signs at a great price! 

Each static cling sign is bright, easy-to-read, professional looking and easily adheres to glass. Each set includes 10 signs for the legal holiday schedule for banks in Illinois. Available in English Only or English/Spanish

Deterring & Responding to Robberies

Robberies of financial institutions remain a steady trend. In many areas of the country, they are hitting at an alarming and increasing rate. The only reliable means that financial institutions have to improve prevention, apprehension and recovery, involves training, training and more training. This 45 minute DVD and CD will prove to be a valuable training resource for your employees and will ensure that they are armed with practical knowledge and tools for reducing your risk, protecting members and staff and aiding law enforcement.

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ABA Publications

ABA Ref. Guide to Regulatory Compliance, 26th Ed

An ideal resource for compliance managers, department managers and staff, product managers and retail branch banking managers. It is a recommended study resource for individuals preparing for the Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager Exam (CRCM).

Analyzing Financial Statements, 8th Ed*

Provides the skills a lender needs to conduct a comprehensive and effective financial analysis of a business borrower. Clearly illustrates each step required in reviewing the financial statements provided by loan applicants to determine whether a borrower can repay debt to your institution. Realistic case studies and practical application exercises provide hands-on experience in analyzing income statements, balance sheets, and tax forms.

Commercial Lending*

A companion text to Analyzing Financial Statements, covers nonfinancial issues and risks, negotiating and finalizing conditions of a loan request, plus the problems that can occur during the monitoring of the loan over its repayment term. Analyzing Financial Statements is a recommended prerequisite.

Consumer Lending, 7th Ed*

Covers the essentials of the consumer lending business today and explains the important and relevant features, processes, and laws. Students taking Consumer Lending will learn the features and benefits of consumer loan products and operations, including closed-end and open-end loans, direct and indirect lending, and secured lending. The textbook traces the consumer lending process from generating and processing loan applications to loan closing, documentation, collection, and recovery. It also reviews the credit investigation, loan evaluation, and decision-making processes. Students will develop a greater understanding for customer relationship building as well as the laws and regulations that affect lending.

Law & Banking*, 7th Ed

Your legal aid for the fundamentals of banking law, this highly informative and newly revised Law and Banking textbook explains and illustrates the basic principles of law and specific laws that affect the business of banking. You will learn the fundamentals of banking law pertaining to the various areas of banking, from check negotiation to lending to bank safety and soundness.

Money & Banking*, 3rd Ed

Explores the important function of money in our modern economy and as the raw material in banking. It explains also the pivotal role of the banking system in implementing monetary policy and reaching economic goals. In addition to supporting the course, the Money & Banking textbook is a great reference tool about the basic functions of money, markets, and financial systems. Money & Banking provides well-constructed chapters with content bankers need to know and features to make learning easy.

Principles of Banking, 11th Ed*

Recognized as the most comprehensive introduction to the banking industry for over 40 years, AIB Principles of Banking presents an overview of the fundamentals of banking, along with contemporary issues and developments in the industry today.

Reference Guide to Financial Crimes

Covers all manner of financial crimes for U.S. banking professionals. This first-of-its-kind ready resource is on the full spectrum of financial crimes, explaining what they are, how they work, and how they impact a financial institution.

Today’s Teller: Developing Basic Skills

This is a solid basis for a new teller training program and can be used to supplement bank-developed content. Bank specific products, policies and procedures can be taught after covering the role of the teller in the business of banking, and everyday tasks like how to handle checks, handle cash, process transactions, and balance cash at the end of the day. Revised 2011

Wealth Advisory and Personal Trust Series, 2015

The four workbooks in this series are one of the most comprehensive resource guides for trust professionals. They offer exceptional preparation that can help candidates planning to sit for the Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) exam. Each section in every workbook has chapter review questions and answers, a sample test and answers, and a list of additional resources on the Internet and in print. These workbooks are currently being updated to reflect updates and introduce new legislative initiatives.


Provides news and analysis and delivers valuable commentary on regulatory developments, interest rates, capital markets activity, and more. IBA member banks that are new subscribers to the unlimited package will enjoy preferential pricing.

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National Association for Bank Security

These publications are offered by the National Association for Bank Security in cooperation with Profit Protection, Inc. and the IBA. Manuals, pamphlets and videos are available to on a wide range of bank security topics from bank robbery to BSA.

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