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Preferred Vendors

Each preferred vendor is carefully researched and approved by the Illinois Bankers Business Services, Inc. (IBBS) Board of Directors - selected by bankers for bankers - to ensure quality, consistent product and service delivery. IBBS offers a full line of products and services to meet your bank's needs.

The Illinois Bankers Association 401k powered by ABG Retirement Plan Services
Webinar: March 12 - 10:00 am

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The Illinois Bankers Association is bringing something new and exciting to the table and we want you to be the first to know! The IBA 401(k) powered by ABG Retirement Plan Services is designed to help your institution do 4 major things:

  • Reduce Investment Cost
  • Reduce Fiduciary Liability
  • Reduce Administrative Duties
  • Reduce Administrative Costs

How can you say no to that? If you aren’t convinced quite yet, we are bringing you the experts to explain the fine details and answer all your questions. We want to be sure that your institution is equipped with the products necessary to reach the greatest success. 

After you attend the webinar and love what you hear, we’d happily sit down to perform a no-cost, independent benchmarking analysis report of your current retirement plan to see how it compares to the IBA 401(k). Join in on the webinar and let’s see what we can do for you! 

Pat Bearss, AIF, PPC, Investment Advisor Representative
ABG Retirement Plan Services 


The Road to Success

ABA Insurance Services


ABA Insurance Services, a Member of Great American Insurance Group, provides D&O, bond and cyber insurance to financial institutions, including trust companies and banks in organization, through IBA’s Preferred Vendor program. Recognized as insurance experts who understand banking operations, our tenured and experienced team of underwriting and claims professionals are highly regarded for their in-depth knowledge and expertise. We help mitigate risks by providing valuable loss control resources such as SafeTalk® newsletters, SafeAlert® bulletins, and webinars. With a 30% nationwide market share, the program is a market leader that has been supporting the banking industry for over 30 years; the program’s primary reinsurer, American Bankers Mutual Insurance, Ltd., has declared a distribution to eligible banks for 30 consecutive years, totaling over $88 million. P&C and Excess insurance as well as STAMP surety bonds are also available from ABA Insurance Services.

ABG Retirement Plan Services


The IBA 401(k) powered by ABG Retirement Plan Services uses a Group Investment Trust which pools the assets of participating plans.  This provides scale and purchasing power resulting in reduced pricing of plan administrative services and investments.  Full fiduciary protection for a plan sponsor is provided by a 3(38) Investment Manager and a Discretionary Trustee.  And unlike a MEP, each adopting plan operates individually allowing for customized plan design best suited to each employer.  Ask us for a no-cost, independent analysis of your current retirement plan to see how it compares to The IBA 401(k). 

Patrick Bearss

APPI Energy


Founded in 1996, APPI Energy has assisted numerous organizations by providing data-driven energy procurement solutions. As an independent energy consulting firm, APPI Energy strives to help its customers reduce and manage electricity and natural gas expenses through the procurement of competitive energy supply contracts.  In addition to competitive energy procurement, APPI Energy also provides efficiencies consulting, such as LED lighting retrofits, benchmarking programs, energy reporting systems, and facility audits. We like to consider ourselves All Things Energy for Illinois Bankers Members.  

Jamie Polend



Ascensus delivers technology and expertise to help millions of people save for what matters most—retirement, education, and health care. With more than 35 years of experience, the firm offers tailored solutions that meet the needs of financial institutions, state governments, financial professionals, employers, and individuals. Ascensus supports over 85,000 retirement plans, more than 4.6 million 529 education savings accounts, and a growing number of ABLE savings accounts. It also administers more than 1.6 million IRAs and health savings accounts. As of December 31, 2018, Ascensus had over $186.6 billion in total assets under administration. For more information about Ascensus, visit 

Joe Doolittle

Banker's Dashboard


Banker’s Dashboard delivers the only community bank management tool that Works the Way a Banker Thinks. Community banks of all sizes leverage our online, time-saving solution to arm their management teams with the daily financial information they need for making critical decisions that will improve performance and profits. CEOs around the country say this is the one management tool they can’t live without.

Bob Reid
800-933-2211 x 159305 is a web-based marketing portal that empowers banks to produce professionally designed, bank-branded marketing materials in a matter of seconds. With thousands of successful marketing materials and over 9 million stock photos, it puts you in complete control of the ad production process, saving valuable time and money. 

Neal Reynolds

Deluxe Financial Services


Our goal: Helping financial institutions to deepen account holder relationships through trusted, tech-enabled solutions. We've transformed from "the check company" into a partner for marketing services, performance management, payments, and fraud/risk solutions – harnessing the talent of our employees and the portfolio of strategic acquisitions that make up Deluxe today. With one eye on our legacy and our founding principles, we're poised to power an ever-changing business landscape.

Bob Reid
800-933-2211 x159305

Floodplain Consultants (FCI)


Floodplain Consultants (FCI), a flood zone certification provider, provides service and accuracy via a site visit policy on all borderline properties, at no additional charge. By partnering with clients, FCI reduces staff workload, increases customer satisfaction, reduces the risk of costly compliance problems and helps improve the lender’s bottom line.

Craig Callahan

Investors Title Insurance Company


Investors Title Insurance Company has partnered with more than 500 financial institutions and real estate-related companies through its affiliate-owned title insurance agencies. The company has a strong track record of financial strength and innovation, which has provided a profitable income opportunity for the owners and resulted in over $200 million in commissions for affiliated agency owners in the program. 

Two affiliate-owned agencies in Illinois are managed and underwritten by Investors Title.

  • In addition to its main office in Springfield, Illinois Real Estate Title Center, known locally as “The Title Center,” serves Central Illinois through eight branch offices spanning from Quincy in the west, Champaign in the east, and Peoria in the north, and has 25 owners. Visit
  • Located in Edwardsville, Southern Illinois Real Estate Title Center is owned by seven banks and realtors and is licensed in Illinois and Missouri. Visit

The agencies’ strong focus on superior customer service and operational efficiencies is the hallmark of their success.  

Both Illinois title insurance agencies have built teams of knowledgeable experts who offer innovative business solutions, exceptional products, and excellent customer service. They pride themselves in consistently delivering outstanding title and settlement services to financial institutions, lenders, attorneys, realtors, and builders doing business in Illinois. They also coordinate and underwrite even the most complex local and out-of-state commercial transactions. 

Services include: 

Residential and Commercial Title Insurance
Closing Protection Letters
Comprehensive Settlement Services
Remote Closing Ability
Facilitation of Deed Preparation
On-Site Certified Commercial Underwriters
1031 Like-Kind Exchanges
Construction Disbursement Services

Dana Lyons
Phone: 217-622-0299

KeyState Captive Management


KeyState Captive Management offers a unique bank captive insurance program to banks. The bank captive program is designed by national accounting firm Crowe, LLP and then administered by KeyState Captive Management. Banks that fit a certain asset size and earnings criteria can form their own wholly owned captive insurance company to finance risks (that are not commercially insured) in a tax advantaged way. 

Travis Holdman

Office Depot


Office Depot provides world-class service when it comes to purchasing office supplies, paper, toner and other office products including office furniture, print/copy services, custom business forms, stationery supplies, promotional items, lunchroom and janitorial supplies. This strategic relationship features discounts up to 80% off the manufacturers’ suggested list price, a core list of over 950+ frequently ordered, deeply discounted products featuring many high use commodity items and bank-specific products, plus your own customized list of an additional 75 items and 10% off retail published prices (excluding technology products). Employees will have access to many of these same program benefits through the Employee Purchase Program.

Isaac Mares
Phone 855-337-6811

SBS CyberSecurity, LLC


SBS CyberSecurity, LLC (SBS) is a premier cybersecurity consulting and audit firm. Since 2004, SBS has been dedicated to assisting organizations with the implementation of valuable risk management programs and to mitigating cybersecurity risks. The company has provided cybersecurity solutions to thousands of organizations across the United States and abroad, including financial institutions ranging in asset size from $12 million to over $130 billion. SBS delivers unique, turnkey solutions tailored to each client’s needs, including risk management solutions, auditing, and education. SBS CyberSecurity empowers customers to make more informed security decisions and trust the safety of their data. 

Dennis Sparrow
Phone: 314-276-4610

Ethan Landon
Phone: 712-369-0139

Strategic Resource Management (SRM)


Strategic Resource Management advises in areas such as payments, digital banking, core processing and operational efficiencies, as well as contract tracking and invoice auditing. We have unlocked billions of dollars in value and improved the competitive advantage of our clients with our reputation for industry-leading subject matter expertise, proprietary benchmark database, and proven negotiating.

Uma Zielinski