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The IBA answered the need expressed by its member institutions to provide leadership training for future leaders of the banking industry. What evolved was the Future Leaders Alliance, an innovative program for aspiring bankers that emphasizes education, community service and networking. 

To date, more than 170 individuals have graduated from FLA with accolades galore. The most recent graduating class, the Class of 2018, reached the end of a challenging and diverse curriculum which garnered tremendous feedback, with an average session rating of 4.7 on a 5.0 scale. This response speaks volumes as to the quality and breadth of the FLA’s educational component.

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FLA Graduation Requirements + Sessions 1-6

Session 1 

  • Leadership and Influence (2 Days)

Elective Option

  • Economic Investment Day / FLA Mentor Day (1 Day)

Session 2

  • Legislation, Politics and Communicating with the Regulators (Day 1)
  • Marketing and Presentation (Day 2)

Session 3

  • Exclusive meeting with Federal Reserve Bank of
    Chicago and Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (Day 1)
  • Lead for Success (Day 2)

Session 4

  • Team Building (Day 1)
  • Accountable Leadership (Day 2)

Session 5

  • Accounting for Bankers, Asset Liability Management, Cybersecurity and Regulatory Hot Topics (Day 1)
  • Simulation Banking (Day 2)

Session 6

  • The ONE Conference
  • Graduation

Four Elective Options
Select from a wide variety of IBA programs during the year and receive a 50% registration discount on your selected program.

  • Attend Economic Investment Day (No Fee) AND 1 conference/seminar
  • Attend Economic Investment Day (No Fee) AND 2 webinars
  • Attend 1 conference/seminar AND 1 webinar
  • Participate in 3 webinars

Financial Literacy Service Project
Must complete two hours of financial literacy instruction at a local school, retirement home, community or non-profit group during the program year.

Staying Active Post FLA

Being involved with the FLA program doesn’t stop at graduation. Staying active with future FLA classes and the IBA is our vision for all graduates. Several of our alumni have established long-lasting friendships with other students and those relationships are beneficial not only professionally, but personally as well.
There are several ways to help keep that momentum going long after completion of the program:

  • Become a part of our mentor program. Throughout the year, there are several opportunities for you to serve as that friendly and helpful face to our Future Leaders. 
  • Participation in our Community Service Projects. Work alongside current FLA students and other alumni as they give back to their communities through a variety of different programs. 
  • Be a part of panel discussions held throughout the class year. A great way to communicate your ideas, concerns and tips with our next group of Future Leaders.
  • Receipt of the FLA bi-monthly e-newsletter that includes alumni spotlight articles, pictures from past and present FLA sessions, reminders of upcoming FLA and IBA events, mentoring opportunities, polls/surveys, and news articles pertinent to our industry. 
  • Inclusion in our FLA Facebook group which showcases photos/videos, upcoming FLA and IBA events, mentoring opportunities, questions from current students to alumni, and alumni updates - a great online networking opportunity. 

FLA Scholarships

FLA Scholarships

Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
Two partial scholarships ($1,000 each) 

The $1,000 will be applied to the $1,495 registration fee with the participant or respective institution responsible for the $495 balance. Preference will be given to those demonstrating financial need.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Recommendation of Supervisor or Senior Manager
  • Employed by an IBA member institution
  • Minimum of 2 years banking experience
  • Demonstrate excellence in banking through outstanding performance