Illinois Bankers Association

Bank Conference Sessions | IBA Annual Conference


Thursday, June 22 | 7:00 a.m. - 7:45 a.m.

Unlocking the Value of Your Check Program

Hallie Williams, Product Manager, Deluxe

Checks remain a viable and necessary form of payment for consumers and businesses even with volume on the decline. Learn how to maximize the impact of your checking program. Join this discussion of current market trends, gain insight about the importance of the checking account to financial institutions and learn several low-effort, high-impact techniques to unlock additional revenue and increase the profitability of your program.

BankTalentHQ: Illinois Bankers’ New Talent Resource

Brian Hoffman, President, Illinois Bankers Business Services, Inc. and Callan Stapleton, Vice President of Products and Services, Illinois Bankers Association

We often hear from IBA members about the difficulty of attracting and retaining quality employees, and that the pool of available candidates has shrunk exponentially over the last decade. This session explores how BankTalentHQ can help in your search for top talent. Additionally, we will cover other pertinent aspects of the site, including industry news and articles, resume writing, the career learning center and job coaching, and how they all work together to benefit your institution.



Thursday, June 22 | 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

The Regulators’ Perspective: Navigating the Supervisory Landscape

Moderator: Bruce Jay Baker, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, IBA
Panelists: Hilario Gonzalez, Assistant Regional Director, CFPB; Daniel J. Malone, Assistant Regional Director, FDIC; Blake Paulson, Deputy Comptroller, Central District, OCC; Bryan A. Schneider, Secretary, IDFPR; and Joseph J. Turk, AVP-Regional Director, Community Bank Supervision, FRB Chicago

Anticipating, planning for and complying with evolving regulations and supervisory expectations require significant commitments of time, resources and perseverance from senior management and their directors. A distinguished panel of senior regulators will cover a range of the latest supervisory developments affecting the industry today, with an emphasis on emerging enforcement issues and trends, plus how they see banks reshaping themselves and restructuring their businesses to adapt to new market and regulatory realities.

Fresh Ways to Find a Good Home for Depositors’ Andrew Jacksons

Neil Stanley, Founder and CEO, The CorePoint and President of Community Banking, TS Banking Group 

Attracting and retaining properly-priced deposits is essential to a healthy balance sheet in this dynamic environment. With loan growth and changes in interest rates across the country, discover opportunities to win more properly-priced deposit funds. This session explores methods for managing a better CD portfolio without raising your cost of funds. Specifically, the presentation introduces five ways banks are de-commoditizing deposits and growing while earning trust with their customers.

Your Roadmap to Digital and Branch Transformation

Anne High, Senior Strategist, Bank Intelligence, Fiserv, Inc. 

Need help navigating the transforming, digital landscape of the financial industry? The evolving needs and expectations of your customers may not be as complex as you think. Learn practical and actionable steps to address current operating costs, grow wallet share and profitability and increase engagement while addressing the changing needs of customers.

Thursday, June 22 | 12:45 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.

Executive Briefing on Current Issues and Opportunities for Banks 

Robert M. Fleetwood, Partner, Securities Law Practice Section Leader, and John M. Geiringer, Partner, Regulatory Section Leader, Barack Ferrazzano Financial Institutions Group

Creativity and perseverance are getting tough deals done. Meanwhile, dealings with regulators have taken some interesting turns, and some corporate governance programs can actually add value to your institution. This session features an executive briefing on current legal and regulatory issues and trends affecting financial institutions. The focus will be on practical suggestions and best practices taken from longtime experience in representing a large and diverse banking practice.

Balance Sheet Management under Shifting Capital Market Scenarios

James Hotchkiss, Director of Member Solutions & Economic Analysis, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago

This session discusses potential and prevailing capital market scenarios, historical balance sheet trends and specific balance sheet compositions that lead to higher performance. Also identified are balance sheet strategies for specific asset classes that lead to optimal and sustainable use of capital. The goal is to provide a toolkit for profitable use of capital through sound asset liability management, funding, hedging and secondary markets as it relates to various asset classes, including 1-4 family loans, CRE loans, C&I loans, ag loans, and short- and long-term investments.

Six Critical Answers Every Director Should Know About Cybersecurity

Keith Monson, Chief Risk Officer, Computer Services, Inc.

Cybersecurity should be on the radar of everyone in your institution, even your board members. Directors and senior management must have sufficient knowledge to secure the future of the enterprise. Regulators also recommend board members understand IT activities and IT risk related to their role in establishing the institution’s vision, risk appetite and overall strategic direction. This session will educate board members on the six key questions and answers raised in the ISACA cybersecurity handbook.

Friday, June 23 | 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Unsettling Trends on the Community Bank Horizon: What Every CEO and Director Needs to Know 

Kamal Mustafa, Chairman and CEO, Invictus Consulting Group 

Unsettling trends that may not be obvious now – but are vivid when quantified with the right analytics – indicate more trouble ahead for the balance sheet. If community banks are concerned about existing CRE concentration issues, capital adequacy requirements and ROI, they haven't seen anything yet. These issues will only be aggravated in the future. Survival, from a shareholder value perspective, will require a radical new approach to M&A. This session explores why and how bankers need to view M&A with a different lens and analytics to give banks a competitive edge.

Managing the Workforce in Light of Developing Regulatory Compliance Requirements and Changes under President Trump’s Administration 

Jeffrey A. Risch, Partner, SmithAmundsen LLC 

This session provides insight and perspective on new changes to administrative agency rulemaking and interpretation of existing law under the Trump administration. Practical guidance will be shared with respect to modifying common workplace policies and practices during a time of changing regulations. Federal agencies (including US DOL, EEOC, NLRB, ICE, OSHA, IRS, SEC, FDIC and DOJ) will be examined in particular detail. Participants will receive a list of developing regulatory priorities and what the banking and financial industry should expect during this four-year term.

FinTech: Friend or Foe? 

Joseph E. Silvia, Counsel, Schiff Hardin LLP 

The future of providing traditional banking services will necessarily involve some level of integration of financial technology, a.k.a. FinTech. In fact, FinTech has been a part of banking for some time now and as the scope of FinTech expands, so too can banks look to put such expansion to good use. FinTech can be, and in many ways should be, embraced as an efficient channel for many aspects of banking, including customer development and retention. However, there are serious compliance and vendor management considerations that need to be addressed before partnering with, or utilizing, FinTech. In the end, FinTech is worthy of thoughtful consideration by the board and senior management.