Illinois Bankers Association

Legislative Advocacy for the Illinois Banking Industry

Regulatory Reform Campaign

Our industry is at a tipping point, and your voice is needed now more than ever. The IBA has asked Congress to work with our industry to enact reasonable, bipartisan regulatory reforms - to ensure that our Illinois communities have unfettered access to consumer and business credit through safe, federally insured depository institutions. We need you to follow these three steps to share your bank's story by sending your own letter.

  1. Download IBA's letter to Congress
    This letter conveys our industry's key regulatory reform issues.

  2. Create a personalized cover letter (use the template we've created for you)
    Engage your staff and/or board of directors to share your bank's own story.

  3. Mail or E-mail your Member of Congress (search here)
    Send your cover letter together with the IBA congressional letter.