Illinois Bankers Association

Illinois Bankers Association

IBA Welcomes Cardinal Board Services as Our Newest Preferred Vendor

Not Like Other Executive Search Firms…

The Illinois Bankers Association and Illinois Bankers Business Services, Inc. (IBBS) Board of Directors is proud to announce the new preferred vendor, Cardinal Board Services, a board search firm aiming to meet the unique needs of institutions within the financial services industry. Backed by their 25-year history, Cardinal Board Services assists banks to overcome the challenges associated with the organization of the Board and the recruitment of new Directors or Advisors.

The Board of Directors is essential to the success of your bank, so building the best board possible should be at the top of your priority list. Next on the list should be keeping the board at a highly productive level. Cardinal Board Services not only assists you in searching for the strategic members that will help your board reach its highest potential, but they will also help you build policies and strategies to be sure you never slip below your goals.

Are you searching for diversity on your board in terms of age, geography, gender, etc.? Are you a bank that has found yourself in the midst of an acquisition? Maybe you are a family owned bank that is looking for new perspectives for your board. You could even be looking to build a succession, or reevaluation, plan for current members of your board. Cardinal Board Services is capable of delivering exceptional results by positioning your bank for long-term success, during these challenges, through the placement of key board members.

There is an understanding that no two boards are the same, and every company is different in how they are best served by an effective Board of Directors. Not only does Cardinal Board Services assist you with board formation, recruitment, and diversity, they will also guide you in board compensation and provide board consulting. You can be confident in your decision of trusting Cardinal Board Services to create the optimal architecture for your Board of Directors to best serve your company for the long term.

Are you ready to improve your board? Schedule a call with someone who has 20 years of experience. Jim Zuehlke (952-314-4636) and Charlie Roer (336-691-0626) are available to answer your questions and guide you on a path to long term success. 

Read more of Cardinal’s expertise by requesting the SIX QUESTIONS YOUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS SHOULD BE ANSWERING whitepaper today!

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