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The IBA is excited to announce a partnership not offered anywhere else in the country! Please join us in welcoming the Subchapter S Association into Illinois to help us specifically serve the more than 200 Subchapter S banks in our state.

Sub S Association formed in 1997 by bankers and industry professionals, the Association educates Sub S banks about the myriad of regulatory, taxation and legal issues that relate to financial institutions organized as S corporations. It serves as a platform to represent the unique interests of Sub S banks, their management, directors and shareholders before legislators and regulators through one unified voice. The Association offers a number of resources for your bank to stay informed on Sub S hot topics.

IBA member benefit? IBA members who decide to join the Subchapter S Association receive a 50% discount off their initial dues and 25% off dues each subsequent year. Current members of the Subchapter S Association (that are also IBA members) will see a 25% discount on renewals, too! Plus, plan on seeing their representatives providing the latest education training, articles and more for our members.

Capital Access for Small Business Banks Act (H.R. 2789)

Capital Access for Small Business Banks Act (H.R. 2789) - Full Text

Community Bank Flexibility Act (H.R. 3287)

For more information, connect with the IBA at 800-783-2265 or the Sub S Association's Patrick Kennedy, Jr. at 210-551-0094. subsbanks.org