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In-Bank Programs

The IBA offers customized in-bank programs delivered at your institution in a timely, cost-effective manner. Each program can be designed to meet the precise needs of your bank, while addressing specific policies and procedures into the training. In-bank programs can include many IBA seminars and AIB courses as well as tailored training courses.

Benefits your institution receives from conducting in-bank programs:

  • Cost Effective – A flat fee is charged on a per day basis. The more participants, the less spent per person. Programs work better when 10 or more individuals participate. The overall cost varies based on the length of the program, topic(s), customization needs, and instructor and material fees. Banks within close proximity to each other may partner and share the cost of training.
  • Customized – Reap the benefits of customized training from some of the IBA’s best known and respected instructors. Programs can be developed for front line personnel to senior management, on topics ranging from basic banking to compliance and credit issues to complex financial instruments.
  • Convenient – Programs are scheduled according to availability of staff.
  • Consistent – Ensures that participants learn at the same level from start to finish.
  • Easy to Coordinate – Use your bank’s training room or a nearby facility of your choice.

To schedule an in-bank program, contact the IBA education department.