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Wednesday, June 17
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

The Future of Community Banks Rests on Strategic Talent Management
Scott Polakoff, Executive Vice President, FinPro, Inc.

The industry has acknowledged that it is no longer sufficient to develop long-term staffing plans around merely “getting-hit-by-the-bus” succession planning scenarios. Financial institutions and regulators’ enforcement actions show community bank leaders are struggling with how to dedicate limited resources to longer-term needs. What bankers need to realize is that strategic options are limited by not investing in the future. This presentation shows why action must happen now and presents the framework on which banks can execute.

The New World of Bank M&A: How Deals are Done Now
Joseph B. Hemker, Jude M. Sullivan and Mark B. Ryerson, Partners, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC

Merger and acquisition activity has increased significantly in the past year, and the post financial crisis transaction dynamics are vastly different from the traditional M&A market. This session examines new variations in deal structure, including a greater number of bank-only or bank asset sales without acquisition of the holding company and the re-emergence of stock as a source of liquidity and acquisition capital. Also discussed are the evolving role of auctions in bank sale transactions, new regulatory restrictions on an acquirer’s ability to control the target between signing and closing, and available planning opportunities.

10 Cybersecurity Questions for Executives and Directors
Bruce Upton, CISA, CISM, CISSP, CEH, CRISC, and Certified Forensics Investigator, Vice President, Secure Banking Solutions LLC

CEOs, senior management and board members have struggled to understand the components of an information security program, current security threats and technology risks. They are ultimately responsible for the security of information, setting expectations or providing direction to management, and approving investments into cybersecurity. This discussion reviews FFIEC cybersecurity expectations and current threats to financial institutions, while touching on 10 questions that executives and board members must know to protect the bank in today’s cybersecurity world.

Wednesday, June 17
1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Executive Briefing on Current Issues and Opportunities for Banks
Rob Fleetwood and John Geiringer, Partners, Barack Ferrazzano Financial Institutions Group

Creativity and perseverance are getting tough deals done. Meanwhile, dealings with regulators have taken some interesting turns. And some corporate governance programs can actually add value to your institution. All this and more as this session features an executive briefing on current legal and regulatory issues and trends affecting financial institutions. The focus is on practical suggestions and best practices taken from longtime experience in representing a large and diverse banking practice.

Understanding Your Key Risk Indicators
Steve Sanders, CISA, CRISC, CRMA, CTGA, Vice President of Internal Audit, Computer Services, Inc.

Regulatory agencies are pushing risk management to the forefront. Now, a once-foreign concept of enterprise risk management is becoming the new norm. ERM provides a holistic view of events that may adversely affect a bank’s objectives and strategic plan. Because risks are constantly changing, relevant and timely risk information is essential –that is where Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) come in. This session examines the importance of KRIs and how your institution should approach risk.

Retail 2020: Time for Disruptive Change
Kevin J. Blair, President and CEO, NewGround

In studying thousands of financial institutions and successful businesses, a startling discovery was uncovered: transformational and market thought leaders follow a similar pattern in the development of their visions. This discovery led to the formulation of a unique methodology, IMAGINE, which creates a comprehensive strategy that drives disruptive transformation. Learn to identify the greatest obstacles to success and the seven steps to transformational change to unleash the power of your bank and your brand.

Thursday, June 18
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Changing Bank Analytics: Stress Testing Applications Essential to Strategic Planning and M&A
Kamal Mustafa, Chairman and CEO, Invictus Consulting Group, LLC

The 2008 recession, the changes in regulatory capital adequacy methodology, and the current artificially low interest rate environment have all rendered traditional bank analytics obsolete. This presentation explains why new forward-looking risk analytics are essential for banks that want to understand the risk-reward structure in their loan portfolios and develop realistic strategic plans and M&A strategies. New techniques are necessary to facilitate interactions with regulators, increase operating and financial flexibility, and reduce capital requirements.

Winning Plays for Community Banks in a Tough Environment
Les Dinkin, Managing Director, Novantas, Inc.

Community banks are under siege from economic, regulatory and competitive forces as well as dramatic changes in consumer behaviors and commercial loan margin pressures. This presentation reviews the shifting landscape with recent proprietary consumer research and case studies. It also discusses three initiatives critical for immediate and ongoing success: reducing cost of funds while preparing for rising rates, making tough branch network decisions, and targeting and deepening relationships with small/medium businesses and their owners.

Loan Enforcement: 10 Ways to Improve the Odds of Recovery
Michael Campbell, JD, Practice Group Chair, Polsinelli PC

This session provides useful information to bank management and lenders who are charged with the duty to recover loans in default. The presentation covers pre-enforcement considerations, asset searches, workout issues, enforcement issues and recoveries of deficiencies. The content is designed to assist lenders in improving recoveries on troubled loans, enhance the chances of making recoveries and reduce risks of loss. The presentation will benefit both experienced workout officers and inexperienced lenders.

Thursday, June 18
11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Cows, Stars and Dogs: Managing Products throughout the Product Lifecycle
Patrick Grosserode, Product Manager, Acquisition and Growth Solutions, Deluxe Corporation

Not every company is fortunate enough to have invented products that are as innovative and successful as the iPad and the Prius. In fact, each of these companies saw its fair share of growing pains, and the products were built upon the failed innovations that came before them. Managing products requires vision, commitment, market awareness and sometimes a little luck. This session explores the benefits of listening to the market and learning from the past to successfully manage products at every stage of their lifecycle. You’ll also learn what cows, stars and dogs have to do with product management.

Asset/Liability Management in an ERM World: Key Changes Ahead
Dave Koch, President and CEO, FARIN

With myriad guidance surrounding risk management in recent years, it is time to re-examine the role of ALCO and how the measurement and management of risk should lead to sound decision making. Gone are the days of silo-based risk measures and contingency plans. This presentation depicts ALM as the centerpiece to the ERM process with a focus on the measurement and management of capital needs. We will review stress testing concepts for interest rate, liquidity and credit risks and build the framework for effective capital contingency planning.

The Regulators’ Perspective: Navigating the Examination Landscape

Anticipating, planning for and complying with evolving regulations and supervisory expectations require significant commitments of time, resources and perseverance from senior management and directors. A panel of senior field examiners discusses the latest examination findings affecting the industry with an emphasis on emerging enforcement issues and trends. Moderator: Bruce Jay Baker, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, IBA. Panelists: Leslee Martin, Supervisory Examiner, FDIC; Juan Miranda, Managing Examiner, Community Bank Division, FRB Chicago; O. Timothy Rowe, National Bank Examiner/Field Office Analyst, OCC; William Verdun, Bank Examiner, IDFPR.